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As a student whose goal is to not only become gainfully employed as a librarian in the future but more than that to possibly stand out as a leader with ideas that propel the industry, when it came to following blogs relating to libraries and or information sciences I found myself drawn to blogs that were founded by and moderated by what seemed to be similarly likeminded voices in the library field.  The task of narrowing down just two choices amongst the wide variety and impressive selection of awesome leaders with blogs in our field was inspiring however not easy.  I was looking for a modern approach to what a librarian deals with from day to day, but more importantly, at least to me, ideas and conversations about the future.


I very quickly became a huge fan of this blog at first because of the credentials the founder/moderator Ryan Deschamps.

 He is a young librarian but has received accolades/awards specifically because of his ability to think outside of the box – his blog reflects that mind state as well. Once I became hooked on the conversation of his, I started from the beginning of his blog and then I followed his trajectory by reading what’s been on his mind over the last few years. I found myself even imagining myself in his shoes as sometimes he would mix up broader conversations about the world of libraries to speak on personal changes he experienced in his career . I appreciated the real “bloggy” feel to Mr. Deschamps blog and will continue to follow it in the future.


This is a blog that I think all librarians should have on their list of blogs that they regularly read because of the comprehensive view it takes on all things going on in the world of Library and Information Sciences especially the way in which it pertains to eBooks, something I personally feel is the direction the field is headed.


This is an example of the bits of info regarding decisions being made on almost a daily basis about the transition of “books” and the like from paper to some type of electronic or digital format.  That type of information and the frequency of which these announcements are made known on this blog reinforces my goal to become well-versed in the concepts involving information and its availability to be had by the public. Sue Polanka, the founder and creator if this blog truly is a resource to all librarians as well as an inspiration to me personally due to her diligent and consistent broadcasts of news that affects anyone who plans to be a part of the future of Libraries.


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